Grew up in Malibu, California.

Fell in love with the miracle of photography when she developed her first image.

Lived in London, New York, Venice and Aspen.

Trained as a certified Jivamukti yoga teacher/ taught yoga in India/ passionate vegetarian. 

‘Discovered’ light in Italy. 

Met her soul mate on top of a mountain.

Leads new moon circles inspired by the lunar cycles in co-creating our destiny.

Got married under a double rainbow in Aspen.

Constantly seeking the light wherever she goes and deeply grateful to capture life’s magic and beautiful moments through photography.

Jessie is a traveler, a wanderer, a seeker, a dreamer, an adventurer, and capturer of the beauty of life’s everyday moments.

Jessie’s photography draws on traditions of fine art and photojournalism, with a passion for social documentary and anthropology. Her work is influenced by new environments, artists, people and cultures, and illumined by the notion of unseen moments and overlooked details in the magic of the everyday. She LOVES traveling, storytelling, capturing life’s greatest moments and the magic of showing up in a new place waiting to be discovered. With a camera always over her shoulder, Jessie can be found chasing organic natural light wherever she goes… 

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography & Art History from Brown University and a Masters in Photojournalism from the London College of Communication. Her work has been exhibited internationally at Photo Independent in Los Angeles, The Joze Collective in London, and FotoFever in Paris, and featured for FreePeople, Wallpaper Magazine, Aspen Magazine, The BBC, Photographers without Borders, FeatureShoot, and PDN. 

Jessie divides her time between Aspen, Colorado and Venice, California, with a wanderlust adventurous spirit that takes her all over the world/across the globe for her photography projects.

*Jessie is represented by Fabrik Projects in Los Angeles and has a photography studio at the Red Brick in Aspen. She is available for travel assignments across the globe

*Jessie also hosts gatherings around the energies of the lunar cycle, inspiring others as she has been herself in creating the life of their dreams through manifestation, intention setting, community gathering, and healing.